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When you have a home that you are renting, no matter what the type of home, you need to have a renters’ insurance policy. This policy will help to protect you against many different types of problems that can happen. If you don’t have your renters’ insurance in place yet, call us at Anthony Catalfamo Agency LLC in Burnt Hills, NY.


With renters’ coverage, you don’t have to insure your dwelling itself. The building, or part of the building, that you occupy has to be insured by its owner- your landlord. The main thing that renters’ insurance covers are your personal possessions. If you run a business from your home, it likely won’t pay for anything used for the business. However, it will cover everything else that you have there. To make it easy to prove what was there, it’s recommended to film or photograph your major belongings so that you have proof they were there before a calamity occurred.


Renters’ insurance also comes with a small amount of liability coverage. This covers you if there is an accident that injures or sickens someone else who is inside your home. This protects you from having to pay steep medical bills for an accident out of your own pocket.


If an accident, calamity, or other incidents should make your rented home uninhabitable, your renters’ coverage will pay for you to live somewhere else. It allows you to keep your standard of living after a serious incident has damaged or destroyed the home you were living in.


This coverage type is a must if you rent your home. Don’t wait to get covered. Call us at Anthony Catalfamo Agency LLC in Burnt Hills, NY.